Industry Expertise

We work as building surveyors in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and beyond. However, not all industries have the same requirements. Often, different industries require specialist knowledge. Over the years, we have developed in-depth experience in certain specialist areas.

The breadth of our exposure to different industries allows us to hit the ground running on virtually any project. We understand the complexities of each industry and how these subtle differences can affect the time and project scope for building approvals in Brisbane or the rest of the state.

Part of our process includes detailed initial assessments to understand the scope of each project. The resulting insights from these assessments coupled with our dedication to achieving successful outcomes give us a unique advantage when it comes to delivering real results for our clients.


We can guide you through the technical aspects of your residential project and minimise disruption to the design and building process. We offer a clear understanding of your requirements, resulting in a streamlined, hassle-free building approval process.


Health and safety are critical in industrial buildings, especially when storing or manufacturing dangerous or temperature-sensitive goods. With experience in a wide range of projects, from storage facilities to large distribution centres and high risk manufacturing facilities, we can help you navigate complex industrial building regulations.

Health & Medical

Healthcare facilities are intricately designed and complex facilities that need to cater for the individual needs of patients, staff and visitors. The unique design of these facilities, including fire and smoke compartmentation, evacuation, accessibility, health and the inclusion of amenities are all crucial in helping to enhance functionality and safety.

Commercial & Mixed Use

Commercial and mixed use buildings vary in nature from retail to office spaces to entertainment, religious assembly, pubs, clubs, and high-density residential. A thorough understanding of the application of the varying codes and provisions that apply to each of these building types is critical in ensuring the design is optimised.

Special Projects

Landmark developments and special developments require innovative thinking and advanced problem-solving skills. We can confidently consult on large projects or projects with unique constraints and features.


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