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Building code compliance in the healthcare industry is critical for the health and safety of staff and their patients. Healthcare facilities need to take care to optimise space while maximising safety and promoting the well-being of patients at all times.

We have a diverse range of experience as healthcare building surveyors and consultants in both large and small-scale developments, from new campus style hospital developments to small alterations to existing facilities.

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Building Certification in the Healthcare Industry

Building certification in healthcare requires a unique set of skills and experience to understand the unique requirements and challenges that these facilities present.

Healthcare facilities have countless requirements that combine to create a safe environment. In a situation where many of the building occupants are unwell or less able, safety needs to be of the utmost priority.

Not only do healthcare buildings need to be structured to enable easy access for all and swift evacuation (should the need arise), but they also need to make use of light and airflow. These factors can work to promote the safety and well-being of both patients and health workers.

To add to this, healthcare facilities can vary drastically in nature. From rooftop helicopter facilities to high-tech oncology wards or emergency departments, the healthcare industry has a diverse range of functions. Curious about our other projects? Contact us today for more information. 

This diverse mixture of facilities requires in-depth knowledge and exposure. We can guide you through the certification process for your medical facility, helping to enhance the internal environment in your facility for both healthcare workers and patients. 

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Our Unique Experience as Healthcare Building Surveyors

Our vast experience working in the healthcare industry offers us a greater understanding of the latest rules and regulations governing the building certification process.

We have worked on a range of projects within the healthcare industry, from very large developments like delivery of the Gold Coast University Hospital to smaller specialist medical facilities. This varied exposure provides us with a detailed understanding of the diverse complexities of the healthcare industry, leaving us well-placed to work alongside you on your healthcare development.

Our detailed understanding of the uses of healthcare facilities and our thorough approach enables us to identify risks quickly. We can then offer the best possible solutions to mitigate these risk factors.

For instance, not all hospital building surveyors understand the need to be sensitive to staff and patients in an existing operational healthcare facility. Our flexible approach ensures that we cater to your needs, whether we need to structure work within a specific timeframe or avoid certain areas of the facility to minimise disruption.

As your chosen healthcare and medical building surveyor, we’ll collaborate with you to craft a tailored solution that encapsulates all your requirements.

The earlier you start the process, the better placed we will be to customise the best solutions to fit your needs.

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