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Commercial & Mixed Use

Expert Commercial Building Surveyor Brisbane and Gold Coast

Commercial and mixed-use facilities are often subject to very specific building regulations. A professional commercial building surveyor in Brisbane or the surrounding local area should have an in-depth understanding of these regulations to ensure a safe living and working environment for employees, residents, and other building occupants in a commercial or mixed-use facility.

The definition of a mixed-use facility is simply any building with more than one use. This could include, for example, a residential unit block with shops and restaurants underneath.

Combining different facilities requires a complex understanding of the uses, capabilities and regulations that pertain to each building type. These building types might include anything from restaurants to bars, unit developments, shopping centres, childcare centres, offices, and everything in between.

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Commercial & Mixed Use

Why Having a Professional Commercial Building Surveyor Is So Important

It’s important to find an experienced mixed-use and commercial building certifier who understands the intricacies of all of the different building types.

These different classification types need to be applied to mixed-use buildings holistically while at the same time mitigating risk for the other aspects of the building and taking into consideration its different uses.

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Commercial & Mixed Use

How We Can Help As Your Commercial Building Surveyor

If you require commercial building inspections in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, look no further. Porter Consulting have a proactive approach to commercial building certification, as well as an in-depth understanding of mixed-use buildings. Our in-depth, diverse experience allows us to overcome challenges quickly and provide solutions promptly. Instead of having separate teams for residential developments, commercial developments, and so on, we work to provide cohesive solutions for each client, approaching each development holistically.

We understand the fast-paced nature of commercial developments and are always willing to be flexible and understanding when it comes to providing solutions. The agile nature of our business allows us to move quickly and structure commercial developments in stages, if necessary.

This allows our clients to seek initial approvals and start working on-site more quickly. If you’re looking for a commercial building surveyor in Brisbane or the wider Queensland region, we can help.

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