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When it comes to residential building inspections, there are an array of strict regulations that govern the certification of proposed building works on both state and local levels. A professional residential building surveyor in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or the surrounding local areas should have an in-depth understanding of how building certification works as well as the local regulations governing the area.

Residential building certification can cover new homes, renovations and extensions, granny flats, or even the addition of decks, carports, sheds, swimming pools, dual occupancies or studios.

Ideally, an expert residential building surveyor should understand the intricacies of working with all kinds of building assessments encompassing all of these building types.

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The Importance of Hiring an Expert Residential Building Surveyor

Having an experienced and diligent residential building surveyor can ensure that your build happens efficiently and abides by the relevant local, state and national legislation. Our thorough building surveyors will guide homeowners, architects, builders, and any other stakeholders through the certification process with ease, informing them along the way.

Not only that; but they will also ensure that the builder and architect teams are one step ahead of the game at all times. They will do everything they can to expedite the construction process, but they will also work collaboratively with all stakeholders, assisting them to come up with innovative and compliant solutions. This ensures that no time is wasted throughout the build. Check our process to get an idea how we can help you. 

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We Can Help With Residential Building Inspections

As your chosen residential building surveyor in Brisbane or the broader Gold Coast area, Porter Consulting can offer a proactive service, anticipating challenges ahead of time.

This comprehensive service ensures that the building approval process runs as smoothly as possible. Where possible, we aim to educate our clients about the process so that they are able to better understand and address challenges early.

We provide clients with realistic time frames throughout the process and give them clear directions for necessary requirements as they arise.

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FAQs - Building Surveyors​

Building surveyors play a crucial role in ensuring that your residential construction projects comply with all state and local regulations. They are essential for the building certification process, which is necessary for new homes, renovations, extensions, and the addition of structures like decks, carports, and swimming pools. 

A building survey should be conducted early in the planning stage of your construction project. This ensures that any potential compliance issues are addressed before construction begins, saving time and money. It’s also necessary when buying a new property to understand any existing issues.

Our building surveying services include a thorough review of your project plans, on-site inspections to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations, issuing building certifications, and providing expert advice on achieving regulatory compliance.

Upon arrival, our building surveyor will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the proposed construction area or existing structures, if applicable. This includes checking for compliance with the building code, evaluating the integrity of structures, and identifying any potential issues that could affect your project’s certification process.

Porter Consulting has successfully certified a wide range of residential projects, from new home constructions and major renovations to the addition of granny flats and swimming pools. Our portfolio showcases our capability to handle diverse building types and complexities.

Choosing Porter Consulting means partnering with a team that has over 20 years of industry experience, known for setting benchmarks in building code consulting. We pride ourselves on our:

  • Extensive industry knowledge and flexible approach to solve compliance problems quickly.
  • Cost-effective services designed to provide achievable outcomes.
  • Commitment to education and informative guidance throughout the certification process.
  • Personalised solutions that meet your specific project needs, ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance.


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