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Tenancy Fitouts

Certifications & Approvals For Fitouts

Not all business owners realise it at first, but new building works within a tenancy fitout have the potential to affect fire, safety and compliance and often require approval, known as a fitout certification. For example, changing the roofs and ceiling fittings in a store can affect where automatic sprinkler systems can be moved to become most effective.

In addition, changing the physical layout of a space during a fitout can affect access to emergency exits, making an area less safe or just non-compliant.

Fitout certification is critical when it comes to creating or changing an existing space. When it comes to a building approval for a shop fitout, we understand the need to achieve compliance as quickly as possible. A speedy approvals process ensures the fitout can be completed quickly. This enables the space to be utilised sooner, allowing the tenant to start paying the lease down as soon as the premises open. This is essential, especially in spaces where the tenant is outlaying a large amount each week on an expensive lease. 

Porter Consulting provide fitout certifications to the whole of SE Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Tenancy Fitouts

What Does a Tenancy Fitout Involve?

Fitout certification often involves a consultation before gaining approval. Your lease agreement should specify what is (and isn’t) permitted when it comes to your fitout. Your premises may also be subject to standardised regulations when it comes to the layout or even the structure of your space.

In most cases, you’ll need to gain approval from your landlord and a building approval to conduct any upgrades and begin your fitout within the space. If you have a tenancy within a commercial space like a shopping centre, you may need to abide by certain fitout guidelines which include specific rules around the type of installations you can include within your fitout.

After approval is granted, works can begin. Again, if you’re in a commercial space, you may also need to abide by guidelines governing the times of day you can commence construction on the premises.

After the building works are complete, you’ll need to provide any final certificates such as a fitout completion certificate that you can present to your landlord. If you’re conducting any other works within your tenancy at the same time, remember that you’ll need to gain approval for this from your landlord – ideally at the same time.

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Tenancy Fitouts

How We Can Help With Your Fitout Certification

When it comes to a commercial tenancy fit out, we understand the need to work quickly so that tenants can start to maximise their profits as quickly as possible. We have worked with countless tenants in shopping centres and commercial spaces, and understand the many difficulties that come with this. For example, we can be extremely flexible when it comes to adhering to set on-site working schedules outside of, say, a shopping centre’s opening hours.

We also understand the need to work flexibly in line with your branding requirements. We can assist you to develop a solution that can meet your branding requirements as well as applying the relevant legislation and any guidelines quickly while ensuring your premises are still compliant and user-friendly.

Porter Consulting can assist clients big and small with anything from small shop fitouts to large-scale commercial developments. Simply chat with us to learn more about our experience in this area.

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