Retrospective Building Approvals QLD

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Need a Retrospective Approval for Unauthorised Work? We provide them to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and wider SE Queensland

Have you built a patio, shed, or deck (or similar) without the necessary council building approval? Then you need to know that legally, these structures must be certified – lucky for you at Porter Consulting, we provide retrospective building approvals to Queensland residents. 

In Queensland, managing unauthorised building work requires careful navigation of legal frameworks. The QBCC outlines specific responsibilities and potential risks associated with non-compliance, including fines, invalidation of payment claims, and legal disputes​​​​.

Securing retrospective approval is vital for construction projects that have proceeded without the necessary permissions. This process ensures compliance with the QBCC’s stringent standards, preventing potential legal ramifications and ensuring project integrity. It is a proactive measure to rectify oversights and align with Queensland’s regulatory requirements​​. Contact us today to find out more. 

Expertise In Compliance And Certification

Expertise in Compliance and Certification

At Porter Consulting, we guide clients through the complexities of building certification in Queensland. Our expertise encompasses navigating the QBCC regulations for retrospective approvals, mitigating risks associated with unauthorised work, and ensuring projects meet the requisite safety and quality standards​​.

Unapproved structures can cause complications during property sales or council investigations. Our service includes issuing retrospective approvals and updating council records with all the necessary documentation, ensuring your property is fully compliant – don’t risk the headache!

Ensuring Your Property Is Fully Compliant

Our Proactive Approach

Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on thorough assessment and adherence to the QBCC guidelines. We assist clients in resolving issues like non-completion, building design disputes, and rectifying non-compliant work. Take a look at our process to find out more. 

Choosing Porter Consulting means partnering with a firm that emphasises compliance, safety, and quality. We help clients avoid the pitfalls of unauthorised work, including legal disputes and financial penalties, by ensuring their projects align with the QBCC’s regulations and standards.

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Ensuring Their Projects Align With The Qbcc's Regulations And Standards

Connect with Porter Consulting for Expert Guidance

For expert advice on building certification and navigating Queensland’s regulatory landscape, Porter Consulting is here to assist. Reach out to us at Contact Porter Consulting for a consultation. Need help with a Form 15 or Form 12? Looking for commercial certification? Maybe you need to residential certification? We can help



We conduct thorough assessments to align with QBCC standards, addressing compliance, safety, and quality issues effectively.

Failing to secure approval can lead to legal disputes, financial penalties, and project invalidation under QBCC regulations.


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