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Building Compliance Reports & Audits

Building compliance audits are an essential part of assessing or upgrading existing buildings. Building owners, developers or agents will often request building compliance audits to understand the state of a building and assess whether or not there are any issues with a building in its current state.

This can be helpful particularly when a building is being bought, sold, renovated or extended. Building compliance audits can play a crucial role, particularly if changes have occurred over time or works have been completed within the building or grounds over several years that may be non-compliant or were completed without approval.

Certain areas within a building may have become non-compliant over time when the building has changed. In other instances, the building may always have been non-compliant but was not certified correctly or for the correct uses. Do you need help with your next project? Contact our building compliance audits team in Gold Coast or Brisbane for more information.

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What Does a Building Audit Involve?

A building audit involves assessing a property and any buildings on the property as well as its plans and any certifications, as necessary. The audit process usually incorporates an on-site building inspection as well as reviewing the building’s plans and all other relevant documentation. We make these assessments to ensure properties are compliant with the building code according to the relevant country, state, or local council legislation at the time the works were completed.

After the audit is complete, the building owners, builders, or architects are typically presented with a building compliance report which includes the findings of the audit. Based on the building audit, the building owners or any other stakeholders may need to complete works such as repairs, upgrades or maintenance work, to ensure the building can become compliant. In other cases, they may simply need to seek the relevant certifications for any aspects of the property that are non-compliant.

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Specialists in Building Compliance Audits

Porter Consulting have over twenty years of experience conducting building compliance audits within a wide range of property types, both residential and commercial. Such depth of experience spanning over such a long period means that we understand the rules and regulations for older buildings intimately.

We even have significant experience with heritage homes and can advise you on heritage home restrictions and how these can affect future plans to build or modify an existing property.

Whether you need a one-off building compliance report or you’re working on a larger series of projects, we can assist you with all your building audit and compliance needs. Contact us today.

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